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March 21, 2020

My, my how life has changed since my last blog. I sure hope everyone is safe and abiding by all the precautions we’re all supposed to be taking. I know a lot of you, just like myself, are not working right now, but we’re dealing with a highly contagious & dangerous virus the best way that we can.

“Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone on stage at the South Point Casino Feb 22, 2020”

As of right now, it looks like I won’t be returning to work until the middle of May. So instead of worrying about all the lost income & bills that need to be paid, of which I have no control over, I’ve decided to focus on positive things I can do while I’m in this current quarantine. I’m exercising more, shedding some pounds from all the fattening airport & backstage meals, getting normal sleep for a change, doing some things around the house that usually I never have time for and praying a bit more than usual that everyone stays safe and healthy through this crisis.

“Running into friends at the Orlando airport on our way to separate separate shows.
Left to right: Jamie Hilboldt & Mike Candito (Gary Puckett & The Union Gap), myself and Felix Cavaliere (Rascals)”
“Patrick Moraz & I talking Kurzweils”

We were on the road constantly the first 2 months of the year…and we were having a blast. In January, Patrick Moraz (Yes, Moody Blues) along with another keyboard extraordinaire George DeJong came out to our show in Venice, FL. Afterwards, Patrick invited me to his studio to check out his keyboards. I hadn’t slept in about 24 hours, but that didn’t matter as we went late into the night, talking keyboards (our mutual love for the Kurzweil 2500), jamming together, talking music, etc. Definitely a night to remember.

“Patrick Moraz playing some awesome stuff”
“with Patrick & George DeJong after some late night jamming “

Some of our Florida shows in late January & February had some old, dear friends on the bill. My ex-boss, Gary Lewis (1987-2004) performed on some of the shows and so did Chris Montez, who I played keys for many, many shows back in the late 90’s until about 2004. It was so nice catching up with both of them.

“Billy & I hanging backstage with our ex-boss, Gary Lewis”
“And with our dear friend, Chris Montez”

A real nice surprise happened one Tuesday evening in February. As I started to watch one of my favorite TV shows, NCIS, I began hearing the version of Precious & Few that I produced & sang backgrounds on in my studio for Sonny Geraci back in 1996. Billy Sullivan was also on the song supplying drums, guitars & background vocals. The other musicians on the track were fellow Clevelanders Mike Criscione on keys & orchestration, Mark Best on bass & Lynn Jarrell on background vocals.

“The beautiful ladies at Arnie’s Clubhouse Grill modeling Arnie’s Monday Night t-shirts”

Locally, Billy Sullivan & I began performing a weekly Monday night show at Arnie’s Clubhouse Grill. Once the bars and restaurants re-open, we will there each and every Monday that we’re in town throughout the year. But until then, Billy & I will perform live on Facebook every Monday from 7:00p – 8:00p. And Billy will be doing solo shows live on Facebook next Wednesday & Friday at 6:00p…I caught his show last night & it was great! Time to sign off…see ya next Monday online!

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  1. Jill Carroll says:

    Thanks Rich, I always enjoy your blogs. The upside of this challenging time is getting to see you play LIVE (sort of). 😃. So I’ll be tuned in. Looking forward to seeing you again when life is back to normal. God Bless, stay happy and healthy😃

  2. Tommy Lee says:

    Hey Rich…thanks for all the updates! Can’t wait to see you guys at Arnie’s In the near future. Tommy Lee

  3. Linda Greenwell says:

    Thanks for the updates. We will all get through this “new normal”, hopefully sooner rather than later. Your live feeds are very helpful in our quest to stay happy. Be safe!

  4. Alice M. says:

    Hi Rich, thanks to all of you for staying in touch with your fans any way that is practical and safe. It’s probably providing you all a stress outlet and doing some other worldly good too. I hope there’s a way to share these things on You Tube or your home pages after the fact for the non-facebook fans. Best of luck – see you hopefully later in the year.

  5. Francine Brenner says:

    Thanks for all the updates. See you on the other side of this virus outbreak. In the meantime, i plan to catch your live feeds. Take care.

  6. Trudy Michalak says:

    Hi Rich,
    We down here in the Lone Star State are well.
    I am off of work for awhile. Taking this time to do some things also.
    Precautionary. but not worrisome. Prayerful and keeping positive.
    This will come to pass.
    Take care and looking forward to seeing you in th eff future!
    God’s blessings,
    ❤ Psalm91

  7. Bruce Kallenburg says:


    Thanks for the update and a great start to the year. Who would have thought that they were the good old days. We attended at least 4 shows so far this year. And were looking forward to the Flower Power Cruise in March. Still hoping for EPCOT and thinking New York State fair is a go. So good that you, Billy, and Peter are letting us into your Facebook lives with entertainment. Thanks to all.

    Now that all central Florida entertainment is on hold, we are driving our dog around every night on the golf cart and she is loving it. Funny how life changed.

    Stay safe out there. Till next time!

    Bruce Kallenburg

  8. Dj Dennis says:

    Awesome photos Rich!! Glad you are trying to stay busy through all of this. We will all get through this. Looking forward to see you and Billy perform on FB Monday night. Awesome blog. Take care.

  9. Terry williams says:

    Rich. Praying for all of you and the musicians. Miss all of you Herman and his hermits . It has been a long time without a concert with the snowstorm in January and now everything being moved. So when all this clears we will have a busy summer of concerts. Been really busy working in a nursing home. So Blessed I am able to get in to visit people in the nursing home because I work there I can visit everyone. Take care .love and miss all of you.❤️😘😍💕🙏🏻

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