January 1, 2021

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving & Christmas. I know the holidays must have been very different for everyone this year, but hopefully, this pandemic will soon be behind us.

“Peter Noone Unplugged show in Boca Raton, FL”

As you can see, I’m still on vacation. “Vacation” is the nice word I use for “my career & all shows have been canceled until this pandemic is over”. And the way it looks right now, I will remain on vacation until the end of March. But on the bright side, I’ve sure been getting a lot of things done around the house that I would’ve NEVER had the time to do under normal circumstances.

“Peter clowning around backstage before the show”

We have performed a few Peter Noone Unplugged shows in Ohio and around the country. They’re socially distanced, intimate shows and they have been really successful.

“Peter Noone Unplugged at Angelo’s Nido Italia in Cleveland, OH”

Miraculously, three “Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone” shows in Texas did not get canceled/postponed. So, in September we flew to Texas & performed our first shows since March 7th.

“Spina & Sullivan at Arnie’s Clubhouse Grill”

Locally, since the lockdown ended, Billy Sullivan & I have been performing every Monday night at Arnie’s Clubhouse Grill. The night’s been doing very well and it’s become a weekly destination for Midpark High School alumni…our alma mater. I can’t even put into words how nice it’s been seeing old friends weekly. I’ve also been playing a couple times a month with Tommy Amato at Rock Creek Kitchen & Bar…& it’s always a fun time!!

“w Tommy Amato at Rock Creek”

In October & November I upgraded & rebuilt my studio, RBS Recording. So, I’m gonna spend January & February locked in my studio trying to learn my new recording software & finally start recording my new album. I wish for everyone to have a safe, prosperous, successful & happy NEW YEAR. And let’s hope we can all start hugging each other again!!

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  1. Judy Stephen says:

    Thanks for catching us up on what you’ve been doing with your studio and sharing the pictures of your shows. It’s been quite a ride this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you and the Hermits performing again. Thanks for lifting our spirits with music when we all needed it most. Happy 2021!

    • Rich Spina says:

      Yes, it sure has been quite a ride this past year. Let’s hope things return to normal in 2021. Happy New Year.

  2. Bruce Kallenburg says:

    We started out 2020 with 4 HHSPN between January and February. We would see you next on the Flower Power Cruise, then Epcot’s 12, New York State Fair, and Bowzer’s Christmas show. We also planned on swinging by Cleveland to see you and Billy perform. Instead we saw Peter and Vance in Boca then you and Billy with Peter in Boca and we are totally grateful for those shows. I appreciate the shows that you, Billy, and Kellie did bringing entertainment into our homes. You mention how infrequently you played with Peter this year but I would like to say that you played like you never missed a beat. I am not sure that you appreciate your skills like we do but when Peter changes a song mid song or stops and restarts you and the other Hermits never falter and this year with just you Billy and Peter just as good. You guys are as tight as Earth Wind and Fire. I look forward to resuming our roles, us in the audience and you on stage. One of these days we will get to Cleveland to see a live Spina and Sullivan show. Happy New Year!

    • Rich Spina says:

      Awe…thanks Bruce. It sure has been a crazy year!! For now, stay safe my friend…hopefully, it will all return to normal soon.

  3. Jill Carroll says:

    Hey Rich!
    Nice catching up on your life during the last couple of months. Upgrading and rebuilding your recording studio sounds like a productive use of time while your career is “preempted” (just finished converting my guest room into a fitness studio during my down time). Best wishes for the new year and seeing 2020 and the pandemic in the rear view….and being able to hug people again. Take care 😃

    • Rich Spina says:

      Hey Jill!! Thanks. And a big thank you for all the support you’ve given to me & every artist’s live Facebook shows!

  4. Francine Brenner says:

    Hi Rich.
    Congrats on the upgraded studio. Have fun learning it and recording new material. Looking forward to hear what you come up with.
    I miss working on all my award shows and looking forward to the day they return in full swing.
    I still got to see Peter and Vance do 4 shows but I sure miss the whole band.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy.

    • Rich Spina says:

      Hi Fran,
      Thanks. Billy & I have done unplugged shows at 7 different venues with Peter in FL & Ohio, but not CA. Hopefully the whole band will be back doing shows soon. Stay safe.

  5. Marge Lacosse says:

    I think this pandemic has taken so many things away from us. And so many little things that we miss doing. But with a little bit of smartness ,it didnt rule me. Knock on wood. It’s good that you keep positively and creatively busy. I’ve always been one where I like people but I also like spending time with my self and all the things I like to do. You seem like you had good parents who gave you all around interests and confidence in yourself. And its benefiting you now. A lot of is miss the HHSPN concerts and anxiously a wait for concerts but until then yous are keeping musically busy as best you can during these times. People complain about Facebook but it has brought me a lot of virtual concerts and the tip jars where we can at least try to help. I’m proud to be supporting you and all the goodness you try to bring with your music. Thank you,Rich

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