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January 3, 2024

Happy New Year!! And I hope you all had wonderful Christmas. The last month was probably the busiest I’d ever been performing in so many different musical projects in such a condensed period of time culminating with the evening service on Christmas Eve service at my church.

“On stage with Jim Bonfant1 & Billy Sullivan”

It all began the night before Thanksgiving, Billy Sullivan, Jim Bonfanti (The Raspberries, The Choir) & I performed at The Orchard in Port Clinton, OH. Billy & I always love making music with Jim…and yes, we perform lots of The Raspberries songs.

“Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone’s Christmas Show”

Then a few days after Thanksgiving it was time to take the Elf off the shelf as Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone hit the road with our Christmas show. This year there were twelve Christmas shows in Iowa, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, back to Florida, California, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey & Pennsylvania. And, like always, they were a lot of fun.

“Peter clowning with the Elf”

“Eric Sosinski, Jon Darling, Bob Barno, me & Jim Tigue”

But it was when I landed back in Cleveland on the 18th of December that the real insanity began. Once I landed I had about 3 hours to go home, get cleaned up, load my keyboard in the car & head to West Park Station to perform a night of Rolling Stones music with Jim Tigue, Eric Sosinski, Jon Darling & Bob Barno. We do this every year and this time it even happened on Keith Richard’s Birthday. It’s always a blast!!

“Scott Turner, Mike Rice, Mike Kovacs, me & John Zdravecky…Coser 2 Home”

The next evening was the premier of the new band I’m lead singing for called “Closer 2 Home”. It is a tribute to the music of Grand Funk Railroad. The show was at the Winchester Music Tavern. The show was on a Tuesday night, the place was packed, the band was rockin’ and audience was incredible. I couldn’t have hoped for a better debut for a new band. I was running around on stage like I was 25yrs old again…but it sure hurt in the morning!! I can’t wait to perform this show again!

“Frank Amato’s all-star band…way too many to name”

The crazy week of shows continued on Saturday for Frank Amato’s Annual Christmas Jam. The show was sold out for weeks & the band was a revolving door of Cleveland’s finest. The show raised thousands of dollars for the Autism Society of Greater Cleveland. There’s no better way to end a year than being able to use our God given talents to support a worthy cause.

“Billy Sullivan, Frank Amato, Steve Jochum, Bill March & me…Jim Bonfanti is hiding behind Frank on drums”

I truly hope the New Year is a healthy, happy and prosperous one for everyone.

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  1. Caryn says:

    Greetings and happy New Year’s to you too Rich,,
    Truly enjoyed reading your blog. I knew it was a busy month for you as I was able to attend most of those shows and they were all incredible. Thanks friend it’s truly been a great ride. Looking forward to 2024 a whole lot more ,Blessings to you for a year of great health, prosperity, peace, and joy and lots of great shows…🎶🥰✌️
    PS, thanks for all your support and friendship!

  2. Jill Carroll says:

    Awww, Rich, you’re always soooo busy! I got to see a little livestream of your Closer To Home Grand Funk tribute and you did rock it like a 25 yr old 😉. Happy that you got to participate in the Friends Church Christmas Eve service, I know that they appreciate you 😃.
    All the best in the New Year to you and Kellie! 🎶😃

  3. Bruce Kallenburg says:

    Happy New Year!

    Rich, you Billy and all of HHSPN provided us with too many shows in 2023 to count in multiple states and the Flower Power Cruise. We were fortunate to be in attendance at two venues of Christmas shows and it was great to see Bowzer in person again. I can’t imagine a holiday season without seeing the Elf. I’m not sure how you have the energy to keep up with your schedule and we appreciate that you continue on each year entertaining us like we are all kids seeing our local band. I’ve got to go and rest up for your next HHSPN shows in Daytona and the Villages this coming weekend.

    Bruce Kallenburg

  4. Linda Fallaro Shannon says:

    This is so cool…kids from the neighborhood so much talent so much fun

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