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April 7, 2024

I hope everyone’s enjoying the first half of 2024. We’ve been pretty busy so far with shows in Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California & many stops back-n-forth to Florida. I’m writing this while enjoying a rare day off during a thirteen-day road trip.

"On stage with Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone"

“On Stage with Herman’s Hermits starrign Peter Noone”

While performing in California, I got to meet Jane Seymour…her boyfriend, John Zambetti & his band The Malibooz were opening the show. She even got up on stage and sang backgrounds on one their songs. And she was very, very nice and invited us all to her house after the show.

“Backstage with Jane Seymour”

Back home in Cleveland, March was a month filled with both some great highs and deep sadness. We’ll start with the sadness: On March 11, Eric Carmen passed away. He was a musical hero to me. And he was also a friend. From the moment in 1972 when my high school friend, Dan Johnson, turned me on to The Raspberries, they became one of my favorite bands & Eric had become one of my favorite singers & songwriters. In fact, the only artists that I own every album ever released by them are The Beatles, The Raspberries & Eric Carmen. In 1981 I was formally introduced to him when he was interested in producing my band Love Affair’s third album and we became friends after that. There are so many memories. My condolences go out to his family, band members & friends…he touched so many lives both personally, professionally & in song. RIP Eric.

“Backstage years ago with Eric Carmen, Jim Bonfanti & Wally Bryson at Jane Scott’s 80th Birthday Party”

On the happier side of things, the new band that I’m singing for, Closer 2 Home, performed for the second time & once again it was a success. Watch for a few more upcoming shows in June. If you like the music of Grand Funk Railroad, you’ll love this band.

“Closer 2 Home live onstage”

But the biggest highlight of March happened when the Rock Godz Hall Of Fame came to town and inducted so many of my friends including my long-time musical partner in crime and brother from a different mother, Billy Sullivan. See the list below of all that were inducted. Kellie & I attended the ceremony and it was a joy to watch everyone being honored for their contributions to the music biz.

“2024 Inductees”

“Tom Apathy’s photo of Billy Sullivan being inducted by Outlaws guitarist Freddie Salem”

During my dear friend, Neil Zaza’s, induction he brought me up on stage along with his better half, singer Theresa Rose, and the 3 of us performed “Love Is All That Matters” in tribute to the late Eric Carmen…you could hear a pin drop during Theresa’s emotional performance.

“Me, Theresa & Neil Zaza paying an emotional tribute to Eric Carmen”

“Me, Neil & Theresa onstage just after the performance”

That’s all for now, see ya soon!!

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  1. ChaCha says:

    Very interesting sample of how you spent your time. You certainly keep busy.

  2. Bruce Kallenburg says:


    The updates are always insightful. Raspberries music was one of the groups that spoke to me in my teens.

    I hope the new group you’re in has success.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the road with that British group HHSPN.

    Bruce Kallenburg

  3. janet hamilton says:

    Great read-see ya tommorow!

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